Ayurvedic Food Catering Service in Arizona

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Ayurvedic Food Catering Service in Arizona

Cooking by way of Ayurvedic principles can be considered both a science and a special skill. The foods that are used as a part of this field of cooking are not considered to be enhanced and having a sweet smell, they can also mend and assist in raising the body to its ideal and desired level of wellbeing. We at Domestic Diva Catering hope to bring the true flavor of Ayurvedic catering to one and all in Arizona.

Ayurveda believes that the principles of absorption, nourishment, and cooking are coordinated together. Ayurveda focuses on eating in a manner where the food is processed in the most effective manner. This in turn allows the body to gain as much nourishment as it can from the food that is consumed.

If someone is endeared to Ayurvedic way of life and would want to adopt this style of cooking and consuming food or would like to have catering done as per Ayurvedic principles, it is imperative to start enjoying eating vegetables. In a similar manner, it is instructed to first cook all the vegetables rather than consuming them raw. This thought process is linked to the principle of effective assimilation.  Ayurveda considered that when the vegetables are cooked, it results in the most efficient way of processing them. This then allows the vitamins and minerals to be absorbed in the body systems in the most effective manner.

When food is prepared keeping in mind the Ayurvedic principles, the earth assumes the most basic part. The type of food and the eating regimen are dependent on the season, thus allowing the human body to adopt to the change in seasons all through the year. The process of evolving the eating regimen and the foods depending on the season is a very strong and powerful way to anticipate and prevent the seasonal ailments. A person making use of these particular standards for cooking food will be setting them up in accordance with the temperature of the season and day. During warmer periods in the middle of the year, light foods including leafy vegetables and other varied greens are the most desirable. During the cooler winter months, increased amounts of grains can be consumed.

Also with consuming the foods which are the most nutritious, which then proves advantageous to the person’s overall wellbeing, the importance of eating the perfect blends and sum of each and every food is stressed.

Food is classified into three major food types under Ayurveda: Tamasic, Rajasic, and Satvic. The Rajasic foods are more or less neutral or can be considered neither positive nor negative. Tamasic foods are those which might adversely effect the person’s body or psyche. The Satvic foods are very strong in the sattva guna, and are considered to be the primary element of the Ayurvedic food consumption program. It is thought to be the most beneficial for the mind and body.

Our Ayurvedic catering service will provide the best introduction to food cooked as per Ayurvedic principles. 

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